210218 Training and a 290kg for 9 Reps Squat!

Just a quick update today guys, I’ve been very busy most of the day including starting to sort my finances and also begin the slow process of preparing to start my business.   speaking of businesses I went back to Popeyes Gym tonight for a change of pace and hit up some back and abs … Continue reading 210218 Training and a 290kg for 9 Reps Squat!


Big News, I’m quitting my Job!!! + Training

I’m quitting my job.     Thus far I’ve not mentioned what I do for a living, but here it goes. So I’ve been in the British Army now as a Combat Engineer and after having serving with Commando forces for the Past 7 some years but now I’m hanging up my Green Beret... In … Continue reading Big News, I’m quitting my Job!!! + Training

190218 Training at West Midlands Strongest Mans Gym!

hello mudafukaz here’s a little training update from today. So today was ‘legs’ and I’ve placed a massive emphasis on paused front squats today and accessory work for the movement. I trained at my old Haunt Popeyes Gym in Willenhall, home of Chris Morgan who currently holds the title of West Midlands strongest man who … Continue reading 190218 Training at West Midlands Strongest Mans Gym!

180218 Training

Whatsuuuuup. As you know fatherhood is taking its toll so the Blog is on the back foot for now, HOWEVER, yesterday I went for a 5 mile run which was slow and I felt groggy thanks to sleep deprivation...   and this is what I did today-   This is the first session of any … Continue reading 180218 Training

160218 Fatherhood is tiring! | Training and Rack update.

So since my last little update life hasn’t been pretty constant in the sense of daily ‘routine’. When I say that what I mean is Zero sleep at night and minimal in the form of naps through the day. Still, we love our daughter very much!   I spoke to Joel over at Tribe about … Continue reading 160218 Fatherhood is tiring! | Training and Rack update.

Hello again everyone! Guess who is here?!

What’s up MY PEOPLEEEEEEEE! Happy Valentine’s Day! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while but that’s because on Friday I was informed that my daughter was on her way! What ensued is what I can only describe as the best 24 hours of my life! After arriving home from 3 hours away at my place … Continue reading Hello again everyone! Guess who is here?!

080218 I’m Done!

Hello all, I hope you’ve all had a great day, I have not... I’m not going to lie. Work has broke me! From being told I’m having to move job locations to IPSWICH  from North Devon to having to do someone else’s job thanks to poor management and even almost being billed for someone’s F … Continue reading 080218 I’m Done!

070218 Super rushed Training

Today has been MAAAAAAAD hectic at work so I’m Going to cut to the chase. Sorry guys. I had about 30 minutes to do 30 sets which on the plus side side gave me a HUGE pu mp but zero cardio time and maximum stress. Here’s to chilling out in the near future!   Seated … Continue reading 070218 Super rushed Training

SUPPLEMENTS I take and why.

Hello All, Today I will discuss what supplements I take, why I take them and why you should consider them. Or not. First of all despite the fact that all of my supplements are from MyProtein I am in no way affiliated with them, I Simply use their products because they are generally of good … Continue reading SUPPLEMENTS I take and why.

060218 Training and Boob update.

Hello all! Hope you’re all well! A quick update on my chest. So as some of you may have read I had a minor incident yesterday and managed to lightly strain my left pec. I woke today To find it stiff but with no bruising, divets or any other disfiguration that leads me to believe … Continue reading 060218 Training and Boob update.